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Milford Child Support Attorney

As an attorney, I believe that both parents should play a role in supporting their children. At my Milford, Massachusetts, law office, I am dedicated to helping parents protect their children's interests and their own finances in matters of child support.

Massachusetts Child Support Laws

Massachusetts family courts determine the appropriate child support payment amount according to a series of child support guidelines that take various factors into account, including the incomes of both parents. It may be possible to deviate from the law in some situations such as when a parent cares for the children a majority of the time.

The law is always changing. In fact, alimony and child support guidelines have recently changed in Massachusetts. As an attorney, I have in-depth and current knowledge of the law. I leverage this information to protect my clients' interests in child support matters.

Sometimes it can be challenging to determine how much should be paid according to the guidelines. When parents are self-employed, it can be difficult to determine what their actual earnings are. I conduct extensive discovery in these cases, investigating all the details necessary to determine income. I obtain pay stubs, bank statements and other financial records. My work is especially critical in cases involving hidden assets and underreported incomes.

Child Support Modifications

If the Massachusetts guidelines have not been followed or if the amount being paid is no longer appropriate, it may be possible to modify your child support order. To modify a child support order, it is necessary to go back to court to have the order officially changed. I can talk with you about the process and help you understand what to expect.

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You are welcome to visit my Milford, Massachusetts, law firm; call me at 508-422-7192 or contact me online at any time. Phone calls and emails are always returned promptly. I encourage clients to come in and speak with me face-to-face if they have concerns.

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