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Child Custody: Protecting The Best Interests Of Your Children

Child custody, visitation schedules, and parenting plans can be some of the most trying topics in any divorce proceeding. I work for my clients to establish custody, visitation, and parenting plans that meet their needs and are in the best interest of their minor children.

Whether you are the custodial parent seeking to maintain stability in your child’s life or the non-custodial parent seeking to re-establish or expand your parenting time, I will passionately represent your interests to achieve your goals.

Work With A Compassionate Advocate Who Really Listens

Every single situation is different. Children have different schedules and needs, and what is best for one family may not be best for another. When you work with me, I take time to really listen to your situation. I begin by talking about your child’s needs, your relationship with the other parent and the issues you face. I can tell you how the law may affect your case. Together, we can talk about the best course of action for achieving your goals. When necessary, I work with a range of professionals to support and strengthen your case.

In Massachusetts, courts evaluate the “best interests of the child” when considering matters of child custody. To determine what a child’s best interests are, many factors are considered, including the child’s relationship with both parents and his or her daily routine and needs. In some cases, experts may be called on to help with this determination. These experts include child psychologists, as well as guardians ad litem, who are individuals who investigate and evaluate the best interests of children, and communicate their findings to the court through a written report and testimony when warranted.

I Can Help You Create A Workable Custody And Parenting Plan

As an attorney I represent clients in child custody matters, as an officer of the court I have also served as a guardian ad litem, in family law cases since 2005 when asked by the court. I invite you to contact me regarding legal representation or services as a guardian ad litem. Call me at 508-422-7192 or contact me online at any time. Phone calls and emails are always returned promptly.